hey, i was just wondering, whats the best way to learn a scale thoroughly...are there any special ways that can help me remember everywhere the scale lies on the fretboard? im not too good when it comes to memorizing the whole entire scale.

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set your metronome to 60bpm and play the scale 20 times perfectly in a row, and when thats done, put the metronome to 63bpm, and then play it 20 times perfectly in a row.

Keep doing this until you get to the desired speed. If you cant play something 3 times in a row at a certain speed without buggering up, then lower your BPM by 3.
and play it in 3rds 4ths and 5ths too..........that way your not just thinking one pattern
Also once you've learnt a scale try writting with it, for example if you've just learnt B Major then write a riff or lick or solo in B major, that always help me memorise scales.
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