I'm not american but im going to Miami on July.
I want to buy a elec. guitar there... I never played electric guitar before...
but i'm interested in playing some fast things like Avenged Sevenfold after I learn to play it well.
Considering than when I will be a pro (*wishful thinking*) I will play some Metalcore and stuff (need a fast guitar) what do you recomend me?
maybe a ibanez?
or a Les Paul Ephipone?

say it to me baby.
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Man, i'de say, to all seriousness, a squier, preferably a tele, i like the fat teles

DO NOT GET FENDERS IF YOU ARE GONNA PLAY METAL. You will seriously doubt it and punch yourself in the balls for it. I say go for an Ibanez or a Jackson. Les Pauls are good and ok but you cant shred on them and they are heavy which means you will get sore for the first bit.
Some of the cheaper Ibanez guitars- just go to a guitar shop and try a bunch of stuff out and pick what you like- we can't think for you.

And by the way, you'll also need an amp, which can be just as expensive as the guitar. I suggest an Ibanez RG series and a Roland Micro Cube/Cube 30 (both are good, go for the 30 of you got the cash)
I would get an Ibanez you can get them at a good price range and there good for metal. Like CowboyUp says try them out see what you like.
usually there are 2 o 3 options in every model so you sohuld get the shape and neck you want, just with different wood and that but respectful sounding.
i say if you want to play avenged sevenfold or any other technical playing then go with a schecter, it plays smooth and it is definitely affordable, i got one, i love it, i also suggest a 24 freter, and if your looking for something a little nicer go with a jackson, i have the randy rhoads "V", and dont go with a gay beginner guitar like a squier or something that will slow your progression
My first guitar was a Squire. Don't go around buying hugely expensive guitars. You won't feel like its crap until you learn the instrument and really get a feel for what you want and how far you want to take your learning.
Ibanez, mainly because you said about the neck, but don't go buy some great one, perhaps some cheap RG or something.
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Get an RG321. End of story.

Finally you (sort of) agreed with me
(like I mean, on other threads, I say something, then you pwn the world)
Why did Pat Metheney cross the road? He didn't, his hair got in the way
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If you don't think you'll stick with guitar get an Ibanez jump start pack. The guitar that comes with it is pretty decent, the neck feels like a Wizard , and I know youre new so I'll just tell you that: Wizard = Good...(the best actually)
Ibanez Prestige RG1570 ftw!
Whatever's on sale.

No names, no gimmicks.

If you've heard of the company, you're doing it wrong.

The wrong guitar for what you want to play.

You can upgrade when you're ready.
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Go out and try everything out, we cant suggest you a guitar because we dont have your hands or your style.

But danno's RG321 suggestion is a good one, considering the style in which you want to play.

From former guitar noob to guitar noob, dont lose your enthusiasm, then youll just get sick of guitar, and if you need any advice, dont be like the rest, hit the little lessons tab on the top of the page, theyve helped my emensly
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get a PSR custom.....set the bar high i always say.
I would recommend an Ibanez or a Jackson guitar. If you want to play metal eventually then you should prepare for it now. Stay away from Stratocasters, Telecasters, SGs, Les Pauls, etc. Waste of money if you want to play Metal. Ibanez and Jackson are the way to go.

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I love darrel´s washburn, or the marty friedman model, can´t remember the brand

I started on a Squier-- hated it--3 single coil pickups that were noisy, action wasn't that great. Bought a Washburn strat-copy a week later--love it. Triple layer pick guard, 2 single coils and a humbucker, 5 way switch, great tone, great action, lighter in weight than the Squier but much better overall quality for about the same money. (Actually a lot less since I bought mine used from a father whose kid played it 5 times and gave up)

Washburns get my vote too, but as I was told before I chose mine, don't make your decision solely based on what other folks tell you.

First, determine what kind of music you want to play (blues, rock, punk, metal or whatever) and look at what the greats in that genre use. There's a reason they're playing what they're playing.

Next, go to some music stores and hold the ones you're interested in -- see how they feel in your hands. Play something--if you can't play, you can still strum open strings to see how the instrument sounds. If it doesn't feel comfortable in your hands, you aren't gonna like it when you get it home and you won't have any way to take it back.

Now since you're coming from overseas, you're probably also going to have to get a hardshell case to go with this guitar so you can transport it home. That's gonna cut into your budget of $500 too - and then you may have to pay duty on it--not sure about that part since I don't go in and out of the country.

One more thing--don't just buy on the basis of a brand name. There are some really nice instruments out there that don't say "Fender" or "Gibson" on them.
schecter makes some good ones for under 500. a7x uses shecters. i don't really like the pickups shceter uses, but you can always throw in different ones if you dislike them, so a schecter might be what you're looking for.
i gotta go with the lp man
i just got mine today and it is awesome
although when you add together the guitar the marshalll 30w amp and case i got it was almost a 1000$ but the lp studio didnt sound to much different and its only 499 or so