So, i've been trying to leanr how to guitar swing.
I have a few question to further improve on it.

1) What is the best way to do it?
2) How do I stop from the strap rubbing my neck and giving me killer burns?
3) How do I reinforce my straplocks so the whole peg stops coming out?

Please help me, I need to know these things...

why would you swing your guitar?
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i never actually thought that my column would come in handy.
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why would you swing your guitar?

to look cool.

For the neck-strap friction problem, try using tons of lotion, or a dunlop strap, or both. And get locking strap-thinggies.
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i never actually thought that my column would come in handy.

I don't think any of us did.
Lube up your neck...
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to be quite blunt: are you good at the guitar? (not like, 'you can play the solo from "One" or anything' like actually good and epxerienced and people like your playing)
If so: Go ahead, have fun
If not: Learn to play the guitar or you sir, will look like a complete pillok.
(not meant to offend, just being realistic)
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Watch Malmsteen do it too, if a fat Swede can do it then so can you!

well maybe you havent seen Malmsteen recently, he's not fat anymore. He was barely podgy to begin with, it was just a bandwagon that everyone jumped on. Baaaa!!
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push the guitar upto the shoulder of your fret hand with your pick hand and the just let it drop, it should swing back round provided the strap's not too loose. and first few times you try it, don't use a bc rich! that could result in hospitalisation.