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Sarcophagus of The Decrepit
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El Traidor
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Il Bello
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El Tremulant
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These are new songs that im going to submit as my bands new song. We're all getting together and showing each other the songs we wrote. I know the songs take a while to read but use what brainpower you have and READ FOR ONCE! ok? here they are. COUPLE OF THINGS BEFORE YOU START READING:
ok NOW here they are

Sarcophagus of the Decrepit
Its still gone
The thing you stole
In the sarcophagus it lays without you
You saw the way it killed him
And said nothing to return it
Destroyed now are the bones of the deceased
As you have let them grow rusty
The rust eats away at the bones
Destroying what was left of their lives
(instrumental interlude about 1:30)
Verse 1
The death of them tells the time has come
For you have let die the ones who love
They lived to serve and now lay
In the tomb of the living
The ones who died from the beast
It ate them down to their soul
Destroy the hidden as they hide
Languish them in their lives
Forsake nothing as they lay in lies
Know nothing of your decrepit eyes.
And lie more to the stone faces.
( interlude 2:30 long)
Verse 2
Into the lies did they dive
They flew in and never left
Turning many into widowers
Keeping the rusty bones inside the pockets
The stone faces stare and judge
They judge your idiotic means
(slow interlude lasts 2:00)
Into the depths
Did they dive
Into all the lies
Using the sarcophagus
To fuel their decrepit minds
Outro (explodes and gets going for 2:00)
Staring into the stones
Keeping your face buried in the sand
Pull it out open your decrepit mouth
Only to have it sewn up
By the demons in the Sarcophagus.

El Traidor
Its inside you
Inside all of them
The ones who started it
Its inside the ones who?ll end it
Those who do not obtain___it
Will be swallowed by____it
(short just bass and drums while guitars change to electric)
Verse 1(still sort of slow)
Its just what has to happen
Your phlegmatic nature
Your compass of lies
Points you to the lies
Of which who tells them____
Chorus( song explodes)
I?ve seen the end
I?ve come back from the edge__________
It?s the place where the tremulant sings
It?s always going to haunt_____
My soul will not be encompassed by this______
(soft interlude w/clean guitar about 1:00)
Verse 2(picks up speed but is still slow)
The tremulant sang
Its almost over_______
The way you hit it
Made you bleed
Your blood ran so cold
It froze the ground
Until it was glass
(stops abruptly, guitar fades in doing a bend)
Chorus 2
It______ Must______ End_____Here_________
You________ Must_______ End______ Here_________
Its inside you
Never to be the same again
It will destroy your heart________
Haunting you____________
Short bass and drums intrlude
Outro (all other instruments stop guitar is acoustic)
If it ends here
If you die here
It wont end here
You wont die_____ here_____

Il Bello
Her voice silenced
Destroyed by it
Destroyed by it all
Destroyed by them
Verse 1
I will never let them hurt her
I am the only____ ally_________
I have sworn to kill them
When they try to stop
Her voice from being
There isn?t a single one
Who would help
Who wont hate
Who wont leech
Anyone will say
That shes the ***** of Babylon
She is known to me as
Il Bello
Verse 2
They all sang
Sang of the hated tremulant
It?s the catalyst of the choked widows cried
Sang of the mars adventure of her
The Volta of my conflict
Its not over till you are dead
Its not over till we stand alive
Chorus 2
Il bello
She Is known as
Il bello______
Now to leave and never repay
I now leave at the stroke of midnight
To hobble on to seek the tremulant
The catylast for Il bello?s anger

El Tremulant
I?ve finally found it
Seen the true face of it
Seen what it has become
What it has turned its followers to
What it has done to all
(Song explodes no lyrics for 2:00)
A. Inertiatic
I?ve found its lair
With its terrible scream
Its decrepit nature
With its sarcophagus eyes
Its stare of howlers
The Owls go drawing
The blood of the mice that
Run at the feet of the tremulants lies
It removes the faces of the followers
As it injects its lies into
Their minds_______
B. Convulsions of The Tremulant
Destroying the lives of the
Followers of its lies
Snakes use the tongues to
Tie lies to their eyes______
The owls start eating
The eyes of the people
Who go to the confessional
Of the priest of.
The priest controlled by the tremulant
C. Defeat of The Searcher
D. Rise of Il Bello
Is it over
Did the snakes of the Tremulant
Kill me in my fight
Did I die from the strike of the other
The other who strikes with its head
Its so large it controls
All of the followers
Its almost over
But in the night of the side
She rises and strikes down the other
And casts its fiery of lies
All around the night
It?s fall was short and painless
The tremulant dies as it falls with
All the rock of the snakes and stone faces
Falling on it
He is the one ]
Who was swallowed at the beginning
Who was killed
But his lies will no longer linger
As this world grows faint of my lives
I will never see the end
Of El Tremulant!_______________

Korns biggest fan
my set up(in order of appearence)
1.1978 Les Paul Standard
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3.Digitech Death Metal
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5.Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter
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Still think its a rip off but thats just me.
Edit: And thank you for taking that line out that was one of there lines out. (at least i think you did) it was the mandible tounge one. And ..... READ THE FAQ