love song :]


Im sorry, forgive me if i call you beautiful,
it would be an understatement.
how i feel for you is unexplainable,
its not that im at a loss for words,
theres just none able to describe you.
if only you could go through my mind
see through my eyes
you would know how much you mean to me
you would know what you do to me

is better than a dream
so flush the sleeping pills away
ill stay awake with you forever
time will fly by
but ill hold every second im with you in memory

a day without you is shot straight to hell,
i'd do whatever it takes to be by your side.
we can do anything you'd like
we can turn the time back twice
because when im with you
everything turns to nothing
when you turn into my world
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I like it. I'd rather you not give explanations for each verse...I think we're (most of us anyway) are smart enough to figure it out . If you wrote that for someone, you should play it for her...or at least show her the poem.