I am leaning toward the Ashdown Fallen Angle 60 head, but Im not sure on the cab. I will be getting a 4x12, but I dont know how many watts to get. Would it make a difference? My options are...

*4x12 280 watt (each speaker 70 watts)
*4x12 400 watt (each speaker 100 watts, but costs like $200 more than the actual amp)

And are celestion speakers much greater than the ashdown speakers?

Also, I would a straight or angled make great difference in sound? I know the angled sends the sound to the ears better, but would it take anything away from the tone or anything?
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is it possible to rig a kustom 100 watt amp with a cabiniet? and does the wattage of the cabinet matter if this can be done?
for 60 watts, you don't need a 400 watt cab. it'll take a lot to push the speakers. Get a 200 watt cab max.
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Ok well Ashdown only goes to 280 watts on their cabs. So what are there any other cabs i should look at? I was thinking marshall.