I never see this band mentioned by anyone except for Blizzard of Ozz a few times. I thought maybe it's because not enough people have heard them, so here's some samples of their ownage:


I think I wanna buy Hellucinate, anyone have it?

Me luvs me some Impious! I have Hellucinate and you should SO buy it. It's fast, it's brutal, it's insane, it's got an epic song for an outro. What else can you ask for?
I have Hellucinate and I couldn't say that it has fascinated me for long... great vocals, fast and aggressive playing, awesome bass sound, yes, but it got old pretty fast. Infernique is such a catchy song though. I might give it another try.
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Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
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I listened to the samples of Hellucinate on their website. The album sounds pretty badass; I think I might get it.
Well that was badass to say the least. Pretty ****ing cool, I approve.
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Vaginal Destruction

^ Do you like sludgey stoner/doom? Well then you should try Vaginal Destruction
i sure wish this band was more well known!! i think they have a few albums prior to hellucinations but i havent heard them. hellucinate is AWESOME, and the album holy murder masquerade is good too, but hellucinations is a little better.

their new one is due out im pretty sure later this year. i check their myspace page regularly and i think it said they're done and will release it in october?

notable songs are, as mentioned above, Wicked Saints, Hellucinations, Toxic Paranoia, Death_Wish_Scar, and from HMM, Bound to Bleed, T.P.S., Holy Murder Masquerade, Death On Floor 44

first link you can hear 30 sec samples off of hellucinate, second is for HMM

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That's ****ing awesome. Finding out about bands like this is the reason I love UG.
I've already sent it over to the only person I know who likes this sort. He loved it. Also showed him Naglfar, he bought the latest album after hearing one song (harvest).