I am thinking of getting either the 50w valvetronix AD50VT, or the 5w epiphone valve junior combo with a pedal for distortion. The AD50VT has a 12" speaker while the 5w epiphone combo is an 8". I have read some good reviews for the epiphone, but I don't think it would be loud enough. How loud would these two compare to each other, the 5w valve compared to the 50w solid state. I have heard with tube amps you get a better sound only when they are near max volume, so that could be an upside with the 5w since I can have it at max volume and still not too loud for home practise. So which would sound better, the ad50vt or valve junior with a decent pedal?
do you gigging prospects? and if you do at what size venues?
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no, it isn't for gigging, I have about $500USD to spend on an amp/pedal ($1000AUD, but we pay through the ass for everything here), but I was interested in the low watt epiphone because I would like to be able to break up the sound without the neighbours calling making noise complaints
well it sounds better than that 50watter hands down, so id choose the epiphone if its just for practise, but it can still sound pretty loud if your going to crank it.
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I will have to get out to a store to try it, and put the volume to 10 just to see how loud it can go. But how loud is it compared to the 50w SS valvetronix?
the valvetronix is louder. Id say the epi is about as loud as a 15-20watt solid state
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I say get the Vox, but if you want the Epi, get the head and a good cab. Actually, you could get a damn good cab for the $400 you'd have left...
well, if I was going to pay $400 for a cab I would just buy the epiphone blues custom instead, which is 30w and has 2x12 eminence speakers in the combo. What would be the point in having a good cab with a low watt amp head?
You can attach any other head to it as well, later on.

Plus you can get an Avatar 4x12 with celestion V30s, which IMO are a lot better than Eminences.
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I say get the Vox, but if you want the Epi, get the head and a good cab. Actually, you could get a damn good cab for the $400 you'd have left...

TBH I wasnt impressed with the epi. The Valvetronix offers quite alot more, and if its just a practice amp. I thought the Vox sounded great.

It obviously depends on how serious you are about practice. For instance if you were strictly a bedroom player, just for fun, you could probably invest in a nice bedroom rig, however if you were just using the amp to fiddle around with and you had something else for gigging/practice I'm sure it would get by just nicely.


Now to your questions: The 5w epiphone was made for bedroom practice. Its very low wattage, which means you can crank it up without having alot of loudness.

The 8" speaker also helps to retain definition/clarity/punch while keeping the volume low, as it moves less air than the 12" vox.

Either would be a good practice amp for classic rock/blues.
I don't really want a 412 cab though, I just need something I can carry, like a combo that weighs less than 40lbs
Do what I'm gonna do:

Later when I'm old enough to get a job, I'm going to save up and get the Epi Valve Junior Head, a 2x12 cab, and a overdrive/distortion pedal (most likely the Jekyll and Hyde Ultimate Overdrive), and then I'll have a really nice practice amp that's not too loud and that sounds good.
i would get the vox if i were you.. i have one and i love it. but, i have never played the epiphone sooo yeahh
ium ging to play teh epi today in a few hours, so ill come back on later and tell you how it sounds. If i can find a vix, ill playt hat aswell and tell you wehat i think.
If I were you, I would probably go for the Vox. It is going to be a lot more versatile IMO than the Epi. If you playing styles change or what not, you may want an amp that can go more high gain than the Epi. I would get the Epi as a second amp if you had a stack or something and only needed that for practice. So ya, I would go for the Vox in the end.
Though the epi is a great little amp to have around, it falls way short of versatility. All it has is a volume knob....that's it. A clean channel that breaks into overdrive when you push it. And don't be fooled. To get that overdrive, the little bugger gets pretty damn loud.

The valvetronix, on the other hand, has models for just about every tone you could ever want.

For your situation, it looks like the vox is the way to go.
btw: im gettign the epi just to dink around with, get a good feel for tube amps, and also with an OD itr will sounded better and prolyl louder than my MG15 at band practice
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The AD50VT is twice the price of the Epi Valve combo so it's not really a fair comparison.

Without trying the Epi, I would also go with the Vox.
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