Hey everyone

Its finally time for me to get some riffs and clips layed down and I'm wondering what you all would reccomend for recording hardware and software. I'm going to be running it into a rather new laptop, so performance wise I'm not worried about pairing it with outdated equipment.

I'm pretty positive I'm going to be using SM-57s as a mic

I need:

-Recording Interface (sound card, mixer, preamp, etc)
-Recording Software.

Now, If I could find the software by using alternative methods I'd honestly prefer it. I want something which I can run tracks together in real time, EQ it to taste, add reverb (at least) and similar. programmable drums and stuff like that isnt very important to me at all, as I'll be using an acoustic kit to record any needed stuff.

remember dudes, the sooner I get this taken care of, the sooner I get to unleash teh beast...
Well, I use a Line6 TonePort UX1, which came with a four-track software thingy machine and a GearBox, which is basically a bunch of amp models.

Not the best on the market, clearly, but for $120 I'm thrilled. It's got a 1/4 and XLR input, btw.

I'm looking for something I'd be able to record more than just guitar with, IE, drums, vocals, and bass, beating a cat against a pole, etc. basically whatever I need to get taken care of.

I'm looking for something decent, but not real expensive.

I'm thinking 300-350 for the hardware. I'd prefer not to buy the software.. and the mic is already taken care of.

I've also got a sound card, a creative audigy z-5 platinum, if that helps any.
^Get that then...

I jut ask because I think the boxed version comes with a USB interface that you can plug all kinds of crap into.
i hear the firebox is supposed to be good for an interface.
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^I've got a Firebox, it's really good.

How many mics do you want? Like what do you want to record?
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