Heres a clip i made of me playing the intro and verse of Roses for the dead by funeral for a friend. It's not great but I am very new to tapping.

Crit or advice please??? Post links to your threads if you want some in return


(PS. I am NOT left handed lol it came out mirror view for some reason lol)
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Is it not opening? because you just need to click no if it asks about updating MIME types or whatever it says..

I think its a hammer on or pull off, not a slide. Other than that it was all good.

Maybe slow it down a bit though too.
There were no hammer-ons, pull offs or slides at all lol. But thanks for that, i'll try and slow it down.
hmm, il look into it. thanks for pointing it out.

I think i know the bit you mean.
It's not great I know but im just looking for constructive crit and advice so I know how to progress and improve, meh doesnt really help me with my tapping..
Supose, Well when your moving up and down the fret bored you are hitting alot of bum notes which makes it sound all sloppy and ****..
Is that a tie on your headstock?
College. ... ? . !!
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Lol yeah it is because I've just learnt to tap and someone reccomended using it to dampen the strings. I know I shouldnt always use it though becuase i wont hear my mistakes etc.