Hello, im considering trading in my fender hot rod deville 212 for a mesa boogie f-50 series combo amp with 112 speakers.

The fender is a 60 watt beast, but i want something with better overall sound, landing on the mesa boogie amp.

So i was wondering about two things:

1. Could anyone tell me the retail price of a f-50 series in the United States?

2. Do you think im making the right choice?
hehe i'm very biased, as i love the hotrod deville... haven't played a mesa boogie before unfortunately. from what i hear, theyre both excellent quality amplifiers, i suppose that each has its own unique characteristics. the only "right" choice is the amp that YOU like. check musiciansfriend.com for prices.
Wat sort of sound are you looking for anyway? Since i'd be really happy to have a Hot Rod Deville anytime
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^I don't like the drive sound of the hot rod, its a bit too weak for my tastes.

As to the musiciansfriend tip, they don't carry mesa boogies over there Any other places i can find out about the prices?
you can always get a pedal to push the amp. i too find that fender hot rod amps dont have enough power
I'll tell you that the last Mesa I played, did not have much gain. Good for blues and such though. But don't be playing metal on it unless you get a pedal.
teh f-50, at least for the head is leik over 1000 new , kidna price if you ask me, compared to the fender