I practice everyday... practice all the speed building things i can find... even other things i make up. The thing is... I can play those really fast... and songs i know... and play over and over... i cant hit the speed required for the song. Am I doing something wrong? Or do i just suck? lol I dont see what i am doing wrong, but maybe i am. Any suggestions?
If music is
A mirror revealing
The depths of my heart
Then I will write
The darkest song
For without
My soul is lost
Make sure you are accurate aswell...
Try pick harder (I know it sounds weird but it is something that often is the cause for bad co-ordination and stuff).
Practice to a metronome.
Practicing 90% of the speed stuff you find will do nothing for you... Play stuff that are difficult for YOU, not ones that "claim" to make you faster... everybody is different, eg. people might say going down through the modes to a metronome will make you faster.
I find it more beneficial playing the second riff of Master Of Puppets with strict alternate picking to a metronome.
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Personally i would still recommend a metronome. Because then you are able to accurately pick each note and progress further and further..
to get your speed up on songs just break it up in to parts and work on one part till you get it up to speed them move on so then your no trying to get it all at once, it maybe easer that way for you.