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Hold the line...

That's all I know.
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Hell Yeah! I Love Steve Lukather's Guitar playing and the songwriting has always been great as well. A lot of people know Africa, but there is a lot more to them than that...I still love Africa though.
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never heard of them... I thought this was going to be a thread about the dog off The Wizard of Oz...
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It's not my taste of music but I respect them. I think they are talentet and honest musicians.
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It's not my taste of music but I respect them. I think they are talentet and honest musicians.

Yeah, they sorta fall into Styx terroritory for me. Don't love them, don't hate them
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I really like toto. A few weeks ago I as on a concert, I then only knew hold the line, africa and rosanna... they were awesome!!! I've got 2 cd's now and I love their music.
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Are they 80's rock or Classic Rock?

I'd consider them more classic rock sounding.

"Hold the Line" is a classic.
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I really just miss the rains down in Africa

and thats all im gonna say about it
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I used to like Toto but they grew old on me.
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My friends dad is the bassist for Toto

My dad is Toto
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My dad is Toto

I just saw Toto an hour ago and they are awesome!!