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Who in your opinion has the best Distortion and clean?
State The band name, Guitarist, album and year!

Distortion---- MetallicA, James hetfield/Kirk hammet, S/t and 1991.
Clean---- In Flames, Björn Gelotte/Jesper Strömblad, Blackash inheritance and 1997.
distortion; metallica (rhythm) - hetfield 1991+ / pink floyd (lead) - gilmour 1976+

clean; funeral for a friend - darran smith, kris roberts (casually dressed & hours - 2003, 2005 respectively)
Distortion: Jason Becker and Marty Friedman (Cacophony era)

Clean: Steve Vai, the little twangy "Audience is Listening" tone...
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distorted- nick and alberto from the strokes
clean- tom delonge
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distorted- nick and alberto from the strokes

Their distorted tone on Is This It wasn't that great...I think it got better in Room On Fire and on their new album, though.
Lead tone: David Gilmoure and Adam Jones, even if he isn't the best lead guitarist.
Distorted Rythm: James Hetfield
Clean: Wes Mongomery
Steve Vai - Fire Garden and P&W era
Paul Gilbert - Live tone
Guthrie Govan - Live tone
Greg Howe - Introspection

Those include distortion and clean tone.
Dirty - Mark Tremonti , Zakk
dirty lead - Malmsteen, vai, satch, Rhoads
clean - Al DiMeola
clean lead - John McGlaughlin, Paco deLucia, Al DiMeola, Friday night in san francisco (the fact that its live is even more amazing)
Lead - SRV

Distorted - Opeth (Blackwater Park and On.. makes me want a dual Recto.. or a 5150..)

Clean - SRV or Opeth

Yes, Opeth and SRV do have the best tones, ever, in the history of tone.... IMHO...
Dirty- Vai-bad horsie
Clean-SRV-Lenny(you have to listen to it!!)
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my good lord i cant believe it hasnt been said yet

distortion - Eddie Van Halen, 1978 - 1990ish

clean -SRV
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distortion - dimebag - pantera's cowboys from hell

clean - ed king - lynyrd skynyrd's second helping
Lead Tone (not in any specific order)
-Steve Morse
-Eric Johnson
-Allan Holdsworth
-John Petrucci - An Evening with JP & JR and Scenes From A Memory live
-Andy Timmons - Resolution

-Metallica - Ride the Lightning and ...And Justice For All
-Michael Romeo
-John Petrucci - Images & Words

-Eric Johnson
Distortion/Lead - Dimebag by far

Clean - Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society in their album Stronger Than Death on the song Rust. Amazing clean tone, a nylon classical guitar? Just amazing.
Distorted- Warren Haynes 1995ish Gov't Mule album era

Clean SRV's Lenny
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Heavy tone goes to John Petrucci

Clean tones go to SRV

........ w0rD
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distorted: led zeppelin, jimmy page. his best tone is on physical graffiti
clean: the rolling stones , keith richards. like on you can't always get what you want
also for distorted my second favorite is jimm cuddy from blue rodeo i just love some of the leads he throws in on his es-335
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distortion - alexi laiho, children of bodom, hatebreeder, hatebreeder
lead- nick valensi, the strokes,heart in a cage, first impressions of earth (it's not the best but is my favorite)
clean - jimi hendrix, little wing
Dirty - THe tradgically hip Music at Work. Amazing Mids

Clean - SRV on lenny.

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Satch (leads), Carlos Santana(leads), Slash(leads), Eric Johnson(anything), Brian May(leads).
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I would say Dimebag, Gilmour, Petrucci and Neil Young.
Distorted - Eric Johnson - Desert Rose

Clean - Eric Johnsn - Desert Rose

Everything else - Eric Johnson
Distorted - Hetfield on black album, Dime on vulgar, Vogg on Organic Hallucinosis, Opeth on Blackwater Park, Slayer on Seasons in the abyss, Trey Azagthoth's lead tone on the later albums.

Clean - David Gilmour, Eric Johnson, SRV, John Petrucci, Opeth, Incubus,

Lots of bands have great tones, but those are some of the ones that I think are actually influential on alot of other guitar players or at least will be in the future. Alot of the tones I listed helped shaped the modern tones you hear today. How many guitarists want the hetfield crunch matched with the Gilmour cleans? Everybody.
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If you're going purely on quality of tone i can't look past Eric Johnson.

Or Yngwie, but that's just because he's so fat
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Gimmi a break, I disagree with almost all that ****. Metallica is good btu when the **** did they have a decent tone at all? Van Halen has tone..... 1968 12000 marshall plexi buetiful.
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clean - davo_TSL
dist - davo_TSL's mother
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Paulo Gilberto

I think you meant to say Pablo Gilberto (Paul Gilbert).
Lead (metal)- Dimebag

Cleans - The Edge - U2 - Joshua Tree (I don't like them, but what a tone)
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