Okay ive tried searching this but i got no results, T was thinking about replacing the low E string on a ****ty old acoustic with a low bass E string i was wondering if anyone has any experience doing this and whether its worth doing?

Also are there any dangers involved such as adverse effects to the neck/truss rod? If im hightening the tension with a heavy string on the E should i put lighter strings (9's or 10's) on the high end to even it out?

hahahahah lol my friend did that on an old acoustic but he put all the bass strings on it and i snapped
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it wont work

1. the nut will be too small
2. the string is designed for a much larger scale length
3. you would have to have the string so loose it would flap all over the place
4. it wont fit in the tuners

sorry man its just a really bad idea
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yeah like
zakk wylde's signature strings that are like 70 guage E string
which is pretty daft
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Will never work. Like the other guy said, it's too thick to fit in the bridge and to wrap round the peg, also it'll be far too long...Will never work, as if you DO get it tight enough, there will be far too much tension for the guitar to handle. It might snap...Which is sort of a funny idea, but its not clever.
True the neck will not handle the tension of another bass string without it breaking, but, a file would open up the nut enough to put it on there just fine. It would fit in the nut with some modification to it. And every set of tuners I have ever used, from cheapos to the expensive ones, arent specifically marked for a certain string, so I wouldnt see a problem with the tuner not holding it.
won't work.,our bassist tried it f or an a coustic seesion,and he didn't have an acoustic bass,so the idiot bought new bass strings for nuthin,and they cost him hella' lot..in the end,he ended up with a busted bridge and broken nuts.,crazy bastard...
I broke my g-string while fingering a minor..

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why don't you try a bass's g string or something, maybe the d string, i think that would be a better idea
I use a .65 bass string for the B on my 7 string sometimes, don't use the low E, it'll break your guitar, use a smaller string.