So, I've decided on getting a XT120R 120 Watt Crate Amp. Any comments on that?

And also, I was thinking of getting A Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal. Now what I wanted to know is if the amp is good for anythign else other than metal. Because, I'm not a huge metal fan...I was wondering if I could get like a blues tone or maybe a david gilmour type tone.

Thanks for your help.
At one point in time I had boss effects and a crate amp. I can tell you this much, the distortion was awesome! Very good for metal. I think quite possibly, you could get a good blues tone on the pedal, but I'm not sure what the settings are. I believe that my amp was also a 120 watt amp and a Boss ME-8 Multiple Guitar Effects. But in my opinion, Boss/Crate go best together if you have a love for metal.
im not a big fan of metal and i never eally tried on playing it..im more into a zeppelin/floyd sound and i think this will do, thanks for the post!

any other ideas?
I think if you tweak around with the amp and pedal, you might just get a blues tone. Right now I have a Pignose amp and a Line 6 POD, so I can just push a button and I get a blues tone. I researched this off of Musiciansfriend.com, and your stuff costs over $650 (i'm not sure about the model of the amp since the one I saw was an XT120 instead of an XT120R).
If you got the junk I got, it only costs about $520, and you can get the official tones off of their official website, www.customtone.com. I'm pretty sure that you can get the officical zeppelin/floyd sound off of that website too.