I just got my social securitay card ze other day. Guess what! That means I can get a job! I'm one happy camper, now! So, I've been like, going, to Guitar Center... Indeed. And, well, I've been searching for the "right" tube amp for about half a year now, to replace my Line 6 Spider II which ****ing died (warranty didn't cover ****) 5 months back. I badly need an amp, and I had been set on the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, to be honest, I did have some AWESOME times on it, but mostly, it always sounds like ****. I finally found the B-52 AT-212, and it sounds AMAZING! It can do near-Stevie Vaughan stuff without a Tube Screamer! Just on it's own! It also has this cool bright channel thing, and two jacks for different output things. It's loud, and it does metal without any overdrive pedal. It seems to be my dream come true. But I must consult the mighty UG.com first, what does anyone here think? Advice, better amp, anything? It's like, 700 bucks at my Guitar Center in Allen Park. That's alot of money, but technically a great deal. I'd like to spend under 1000 dollars, so my 16 year old self might actually play this thing within a year. Cheers.
I bought the head version of that amp not too long ago. It sounds very good and you are only paying $700 for a very versatile amp. Everyone says to swap some JJ tubes in there and it becomes a totally different amp. I haven't done that yet, but I can tell you that even with the stock cheap China tubes, I love it.

I know people are going to come in here and say get a Mesa, 5150, blah blah blah. All those are very nice amps, but for $700 new and that includes a 5 year warranty, you are getting a great deal. For 5 years if anything goes wrong other than tubes, they fix it free.

It already sounds like you tried it out a bit at the store, so you know what its like. I would definetly recommend this amp for someone that wants a lot for the money.