I have a book called "guitar tab chords", and I've never really experimented with lots of different chords, or really involved ones, like m6 or diminished, anyways, while looking through this book a lot of the chords that are shown, and when I play them, don't even sound like chords, am I doing something wrong?
You aren't really giving us much information..
Can you give us an example of what is written in your book?

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are you playing them at the right fret i.e. the way you wud play an open G wouldn't sound that good with the root at the 6th fret for example
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I can think of two things you may be doing wrong. One, your guitar is not tuned correctly. Back then day, when i first started playing, that was a big problem for me. I would often look up a tab and it wouldn't sound right, for this reason. The second might be that your not playing on the right fret. Make sure your on the correct fret.
Yeah, well I really don't know how to describe it, but heres an example.

There are over 2100 chords in the book, so can't really show all of them, but the chords go from major, minor, dominant, diminished, augmented-suspended, five, major third, major sixth, slash chords, and transposing.

For instance:


... Sounds like complete crap, and it's in the book as a dominant version of a G7 chord.
Quote by JorisBlack
mmmh, G + B + F + B + D# + G#
that wouldn't sound great indeed...
are you sure this is supposed to be played in standard tuning?

Yeah, because it doesn't say to change the tuning, and I'm playing it in the right position because it shows the nut off to the left (in the diagram).
Are you barring that chord correctly (making sure all strings can clearly ring out) and some chords do just sound plain weird. is your guitar in tune that can also be a big problem.
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Pretty sure I'm playing it right, I'm asking all of this because I'm trying to find a style for myself. It seems like all artists have a style, all bright eyes songs have a similar ring to them panic! at the disco parts use similar chords and they all seem to flow and go together, trying to figure out how this is done.