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I came up with this kick ass riff on my ukelele when I was 12. Find out two years later, it was smoke on the water. Got my hopes and dreams killed..

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you used the right form of "their!" i commend you sir!

LOL! That's quite hilarious.
When I heard smoking would kill me, I bought shares in Dunhill and Marlboro - Thomas Geraghty

If we don't change it, nothing will fucking change.
the headstocks are different in some of the photos...
<Han> I love Hitler
There all scams if you buy something off them expect to be crap. theyre from China where they don't have copyright laws so its not illegal where the seller is based. Theres a lot off knockoff Ibanezs going round too and from what I hear theyre crap. Have you seen the proof of gem its got one of them stickers which shows its copied and pasted off the internet. What a bunch of tossers scamming people.
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?