Do any of you know of any guitars, quite cheap my budget isnt much (i'm only 13) and are easily customisable (by that i mean easy to take apart and put back together, and not very complicated electronics) i'm quite new to the customising scene so i'll probably end up just replacing some stuff and re-painting it, any guitars that suit what i need?

BTW i', english so i need to be refered to english websites or have the prices of stuff in pounds (£
what about for a new paint job?
as the thing i'm most focused on is that cos i want to get a bit of money out of copies of famous guitars (looks only obviously) is it the same? because you have to strip the guitar to paint and then put all the stuff back on and i'm not to familiar with that sort of stuff
ha, not around here, i know some people who barely know anything about guitars, i know someone who thought a no name brand les paul was better than an epiphone les paul, if i asked some guitarists i know if they wanted a gugitar that looks like zakk wyldes, dimebag darrells or any other famous guitar, they would jump for it, they go for looks not playability
I would say get a used guitar for customing. Don't worry about the looks and the sound of the guitar when first buying it, but make sure you like the feel of it. Then you can change the sound and looks.
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Strats are good, lots of versitility here.

Old Kramer/Charvels from pawn shops make excellent project guitars, too! They're usually a decent basis for some new pickups/tuners/paint and are very affordable too.

I'd reccomend something with a pickguard if you want to fiddle with electronics, that way you can just pull the whole thing off, play around and have it all in one place, rather than stuck in a guitar. I always felt like that was a plus.