What kind of guitar does this guy play? Also does anyone know how to play all i need by him? Thanks
hey if you like Shawn check out Paul Wright. anyways, the easiest way I have seen to play All I Need is to capo the 5th fret and play

(relative to capo)
e X---X---X---X
B 3---2---0---2
G 2---2---2---2
D 0---0---0---0
A X---X---X---X
E X---X---X---X

but he plays it like this:
(with a capo on 3 and sometimes the strings that are muted are unmuted)
(NOT relative to capo)
man thats a sick tune by shawn mcdonald,, i know it

Shawn Mcdonald - All I need

capo 3 (relative to capo)


haha **** I just read the post above after I tabbed this out,, oh wellll,, how do you guys know shawn mcdonald anyways? never met anyone who actualy knew him but I got all my friends hooked on him