...now i know ther is a skil lto this...and yeah, i know its practice.... but any tips?

my band are gettin fed up with our current singer so we maybe planing to kick her out, and ive been dumped with the vocals, and now the 2nd guitarist has offered the cover of CKY's "Dressed In Decay"...i find that hard enough to play along to, let alone sing as well...
just learn the song so well that you don't have to think about it, that's what i did when i started, then the more you do it, you'll find that it comes easier and easier
^ Sorry threadstarter, but the above comment is all you're going to get. There are no "tips" - you really do just have to keep practicing each before doing both at the same time.
Start small, like say simple chords like wonderwall or boulevard of broken dreams or last kiss. You can start hard right from the bat, but being able to play and sing along to the simple stuff will boost your confidence loads. (ie: the i can do this **** factor)
practice each on its own first...like...get the guitar down, then get the vocals good n smooth, then do them together slowly, then faster and fasteer than full speed and ur good=D
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But yeah i started with something just above a mutter to myself while playing, my singing sucks thouhg....
Try to hold up a normal conversation while playing the riff. Or try reading something. If you understand what you are reading or what the conversation is about while playing the riff on-spot. You can do it. Once again, it boils down to practice.
the advice given above is what helped me out alot..

just tryin to do something completely opposite of the guitaring..

if youre working rhythm then its alot easier, chords and vocal parts usually compliment each other.

also.. if its not a song that youve written, play it (on your stereo) loud as hell.. set your amp to where when you play, its hard to distinguish between the guitars (u and the recording) and just listen to when the lyrics come in and wher they come on and off...

but theres really only one thing that you can do:


dick around a bit with songs that you already know, slow and speed the tempo.. find a way the suits you best.
actually... everyone gave you here all the advise you can get
but im gonna try and explaining it in my terms... lol

i like to call it finger memory
its when you play a riff or a chord line or a solo.. doesnt matter what
but you dont play it... its your fingers
you dont even have to think about it...
try playing something that you've played alot... and think while doing it
you get to a point where you have full coardination with you mind
so you can do eveything while playing it... like singing..