Greetings one and all!

I'd like to hear what you think of my tune Frozen. It's something I recorded quite a while and ago and it's just been sat on my dmusic page, so I thought I'd make a fuss and hopefully hear some opinions.

Clickify (3rd song from the top.)


Originally posted by blink_x41
d0oDd, gUrLs d0Nt lIk3 bOiS, gUrLs lIk3 cArS aNd m0N3y$$!!!!!!!11111L0L!!!!11111º1"·ª!"hArDc0r3
lovely guitar playing, man...I love the um..i guess synth in the background too, it was great.
intro drums were gay, beatcraft is awesome though, you need to learn how to program a little better, cool backing pretty sweet soloage, keep a little more control on it though, good job
that was quite impressive shredding, and as above the drum intro wasnt great, but i really liked this. in terms of mixing i think ur background noise levels and rhythm guitars are distorting a bit and going all fuzzy which isnt great. great work, u managed to not get too repetative which a hard thing to do with this length.