Ive been playing guitar for almost three years and I am very dedicated. I practice as much as I can and I all I can think about is guitar. You can say Im a bit obsessed. Im in a band with three great musicians and we have begun to play shows recently. Ive had my Epi Les Paul for more than a year now. Its a preety good guitar and Its the only one I have. Since we are playing shows I figured I'd need another guitar. A better one soI would keep the Epiphone as back up. As stated before, Ive been playing for almost three years. I have alot of friends who have been playing for a much less period of time and have Fender Stratocaster, Marshalls and all of that great gear and I have friends who have been playing for about the same time or longer than me who dont have nearly as much. Since I need a new guitar I was thinking about going for a Gibson LP. I tried it many times and its a great guitar and its the one I really like. I almost have the money for it but somethings telling me I shouldnt buy it cuz Im not good enough. I feel I have to be the best of the best to deserve that LP. Like I said, I am very very dedicated. My question is: How long or how good should some one before they can buy a really good guitar such as a Gibson? I really wanna buy it but I dont wanna seem spoiled. I am better than some people who have been playing for a longer time than me but I still feel its not enough. Anyone been in this position? What did you do? Should I get the guitar?

Thanks in advanced
it's personal choice, and money. if you want it, buy it. you'll thank yourself.
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Three years and still dedicated is enough to where you should deserve it by now.
Now if you were playing for like...6 months off and on, then I wouldn't buy it. But at this point, it would be a nice buy. Just make sure that's the TYPE of LP you want, right color, just make it nice for yourself
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If your dedicated and you worked to save up for it. DONT feel spoiled. You've earned it.
If you've made the money on your own, i'd say go for it. But if you need your parents funds... I mean, if it were me, it'd give me foul taste in my mouth.
yeah if its yur own money id do it. but if its yur parents then theyll have sumthin to hold over yur head. which im sure with sumthin that pricey they wuddnt let u live it down

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