quite nice, but as for everyone who attempt to cover Floyd.... singing always dosent work, its ****ing impossible to get his voice :P

me and some friends in school tried to cover Breathe-Time/reprise. was nice but the recording suck and sound sucks becouse of that ****ing amp that goes "biiiiip" as soon as you turn on higher volume. =( and singing was... ok :P luckly I dident sing, think I would been worse then :P maybe but it p here later...
I using Apple's garageband for recording. The drums were on the BT.

Were the vocals semi ok??
good job, I use apple to is garageband free or do you have to buy it because it it would be good for me to get thx.
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thx rockon1824, glad you liked, vocals are not my thing that was tough for me to do on this one
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quite nice, but as for everyone who attempt to cover Floyd.... singing always dosent work, its ****ing impossible to get his voice :P

*their voices

And if someone is trying to sound like the original artist vocally well then...whats the point of doing a cover?

Instruments on this are awesome. The first chorus really bad though. The second time (the end of the song) you did that part alot better though.

The verses sounded good too, vocally.

My only problem, other then that one chorus, is it sounds like you recorded the vocals reaaalllyy close to the mic. You're not giving it a chance to breathe, no pun intended. It's alittle muffled sounding because of it.
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EDIT: on the guitar
EDIT EDIT: in playing with my guitar

thx for feedback man...I really need to work on Vox for this...now you point it out i was singing far too close to the mic...I will keep on working on this......Just getting that very first "Breathe" in first verse can really throw yo off whack

This is a challenge of a song vocally but i will battle on and try to get it...also I am just using a cheap karaoke mic into my GNX3000 to record this... I am sure I would benefit greatly from a nicer mic...

What guys do you recommend for a mic??
hey man, that was pretty good! The vocals could use some work, but they weren't bad at all! Gilmours vocals in the song are pretty tough to match. He double tracks them on the original recording, one in the left speaker and one in the right, and that's what gives them that really thick sound.. so it's hard to get them to sound like the original. But overall it was good, and the guitar work was very good as well! Where did you get the backing track?

If you want check out my cover of Breathe, I think a fellow Breathe coverman like yourself would enjoy it!


I'm looking forward to hearing more of your stuff!
I bought a book called Jam along with Pink Floyd. It come with a CD of floyd backing tracks. The tablature in the book has been of great value.