They got a new album coming called Rest Inside the Flames. I was wondering if its good or not. Has anyone heard it?
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Cause if not, we'd peer pressure you till you cried.
Then we'd bro-rape you.

Yeah, the album's been leaked for a while now, I've heard it, It's good, not as good as Snow Capped Romance, though
i met them....
nice guys
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I think it's FAR better than A Snow Capped Romance. On a par with Bitterness the Star. I really like it. The band have evolved well.
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i dunno about the rest
Cant dig them for some reason. they just dont cut it for me

they suck

And before flamming starts (this is my opininon it doesnt have to be yours)
But from what i heard snow capped romance is better
^ the first part was fine. you dont have to like them. i respect that. but when you say someone sucks just cause you dont like them, that makes you a prick. i dont like green day or Fall out boy but i wont say they suck because i respect them as musicians. okay, not as musicians but in their songwriting capability. anyway, youre an asshole, go die.
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Cause if not, we'd peer pressure you till you cried.
Then we'd bro-rape you.

did you not read my whole post f**cking cumsponge i said its my opinion doesnt have to be yours. Man everyone is entitled to ther opinion music nazi
No matter what I listen to these days, this guys brought me into the scene and got me out of the the crappy mainstream (top 40 mainstream I mean).

I'm getting their album tomorrow... From what I've heard, it's gonna be a lot better from that genetic tripe which was on offer from A Snow Capped Romance.
i never got into them. ive heard the few songs that are on the Headbanger's Ball cd's but thats it. yeah theyre good but i dought id buy their album. but if some one burned it for me and gave it to me, then id happly take it
new album is pretty damn nice...theyve matured as a band
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I'm not so sure they belong in this forum, but yeah. I had copies of their (as far as I know) entire discog and the early stuff was just bollocks, the middle stuff had a few decent-ish nu-metal (contradiciton?) tracks on, and the last CD had some alright tracks on too. I'm not really a fan. Seen them live a couple of years ago though, weren't that bad.
hahaha this band cracks me up, i have never herd there music but my friend listens to this band, it was funny because one day i asked him "what are ya listening to? 28 crazyarms again?" hahahaha he laughed and was like "no, its called 36 crazyfists" we had a good chuckle