Hey whatsup!
Yeah guys i made a conclusion today.
My freting hand sucks big time.
Well i was playing this Yngwie J Malmsteen song and the bass line was -7-9-11-
Now i found it hard to play fast and for me thats alot of space between on a bass.
Anyways do you guys know what i should do to make my fret hand faster and more accurate.
And how do i practice my pinky its all sloppy and misses the string and sometimes it got to to little power to push it down after awhile.

Thanks in advance!

Bye !
Try doing some scales.
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do hammer/pull-offs with your ring and pinky. for ex... the ringfinger hold high E fret 3 and then your pinky hammers on 4th fret.

do that rapidly but if you pinky misses the string and so then take it slowly first and get used to it, And if your not strong in your pinky finger then this exercise will hurt a bit first so stop when it start to hurt.
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Try doing some scales.

Yeah about the scales now that you mentioned it.
You see i looked at the C Major scale and there are no flats or sharps.
So should i play all of the notes i get to choose from or oonly some of them?
I see for example people play, aint quite sure but it looks like this.

If you get what i meen.
I play all the notes, but some people play only a few of them like in a pattern.
Whats that all about?
I hope you get what im talking about.
Alright mate, cheers!
that can be lots of things, different keys, modes, or just simply going outside the box.

but if u can't reach, just change ur fingering, play the 12th and 14th fret on the D string or w/e the one string lower (pitch) is.
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please elaborate.
Doing legato work outs. I had the same problem. My fret hand wasnt storn enough and doing legato stuff really helped
Learn Chromatic Fantasy, it helped me loads with stretches and fingering. Better than just playing chromatic runs as it's more fun, but with the sam benefit. I'm afraid this is part of learning bass, and why bass can be hard to learn. guitarists rarely make the stretches we make. Take things SLOWLY, if you're missing the string with your fingers, you're playing too fast. Slow down until you can do it cleanly, and then speed up. I use the three strikes rule. if you screw it up three times, then slow it down until you can play it cleanly. With scales, if i made one mistake i start again. It's the only way bro. Remember, you NEVER use your pinky finger for anything. it has no strength at all, so it will take time to build it up. it's had years of doing sod all, and now you're asking it to pull of accurate moves and exert pressure on heavy strings. It just takes time my friend.
Try moving the fingering.
Learn where all the notes are on the fretboard, learn patterns all over it, everything.
Example: The octave of a note will always be 2 strings down, 2 frets over, or one string down, 8 frets over. The 7th fret is always the same fret as the 2nd note on the string below it, and so on. Keep in mind this is only in standard, all 4th's tuning.