the les paul custom seems to be one of the most expensive guitars I've run across. not counting the vintage guitars that can be over 10k. Out of tone and quality, can you get much better than the les paul custom? I've heard it's one of the best gibsons out there. i don't really know so don't bash me.
A lot of it has to do with the fact that it's legendary. The guitar is great. You could get the triple humbucker version of the double i believe. Gold plated. Gold hardware. It's like... my dream guitar. But in terms of practicality? It's probably not gonna be that much different than a high end Gibson with the same features. If you look at the wood and hardware that comes with it, there's really nothing that makes it 3000 dollars. That... or perhaps there is a secret Godly switch which endows you with the abilities of Jimmy Page himself.
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I've played a custom before, and I think it was one of the Gibson duds. The frets edges weren't level, so I would get stabbed by a few of them, and the guitar itself just sounded bland and cheap.

As for the price, I think as well that it has to do with the legacy of the Gibson Les Paul Custom. It's like most of the Gibsons; you pay for the name on the headstock.
Well, maybe gibson has duds, but the custom factory has less of them in my opinion. I have a white les paul custom (gibson) and every time i go into guitar center or some guitar shop, i appreciate my custom more and more because all the guitars I play don't come close to it's sound and quality. I've even played gibsons and have been surprised by how much I prefer my custom.

and if that wasn't enough, I swear by whatever power that the custom's paint is scented with like, vanilla or something, it was great while it lasted. may have been the new guitar smell, but no guitar has ever smelled so cool.
i have an LP custom and its the best guitar ive ever played. if u want one tohugh, id get a used one in good condition and save about a thousand bucks if I were you. I got a $3500 LP custom for $2200 used, and it was in near perfect condition, other than a small scrastch on the back of the neck. If you can find a good cond. LP custom, go for it. its worth the money
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