i am looking for a new amp that i will buy at the end of summer. I just want a small, good sounding amp to replace my little 10 watt. I play mostly hardrock, rock music and ocassionly some "soft" metal like testament. I dont want to go over 150 bucks.(yes, i know i am a cheap basturd) Also i dont need too much power- i would like a 30 watt or somewhere in there.
I'd go with 30 watt Crate or a 15 watt Marshall. Those shouldn't be more than like... 150. there was an amp i saw for 180 or so that had all sorts of effects with it, including an acoustic effect that sounded very nice. cant remember the brand name. If i do, i'll let you know. hope that helps
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there arent any good 30 watt amps for $150.

push it up to $225 and get a cube 30.

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ah, it was a Line 6, pretty good amp i guess. many built in effects... but yea. probably want pedals no?
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Or if you would rather play less metal/hard rock, push it to $240 and go for a Vox AD30VT

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