Quick question regarding string buzz. I have an LTD EC-2005. and it seems the buzz around the 7th fret of the E and G string wont go away. Think it's just the strings? cuz i've raised the bridge quite a bit, so the action is much higher than it was stock, course that eliminated a lot of the buzz elsewhere... dunno. what other ways are there to fix string buzz. I should just restring it but i ran out of GOOD strings... i only have a box of slinky's :P. help me out please.
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i also use slinkys they do tend to buzz E and A stings in standard tuning , try drop tuning it solve my problems :P
might be a high fret. is it rubbing the fret? even tho the action is high, its still possible.

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but if you drop tune then you wont be able to play songs right in standard tuning....so its basicly your preference
Just wondering, issitbuzzing when you're plugged in? Or just acoustically?
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It may be an uneven fret that is higher than the others. Have you had this problem since you had the guitar, or did it just recently start to happen? Also, besides the buzz, how is that guitar? I may get it or one similar to it later on.