how long do you practice guitar a day on average???
When i had school, i practice about 2-3 hours. Now its summer and if im in the mood(which is a lot), i can pratice 4+ hours a day.
Big who cares? If the amount of practice you do is working for you, then stick with it. It's not a matter of how much, it's a matter of what you practice.

I practice about 2-3 hours, and then just jam for a couple.
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I do a few hours a day... I really havent got a solid practice scheldue i just muck around. Lately ive been using a metronome aswell though. it helps alot
It's the quality that counts, not quantity. It is how you practice, not how much you practice.

I practice 2-3 during school days and summer is going to start, so I have tons of time on my hands, i'd say about 6 hours on the guitar during summer?

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School Days - 3 hours
Weekends - 2 hours Saturday, 5 hours Sunday
Holidays - 4 hours
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since ive finished uni ive been playing around 3 hours a day

ive got my guitar fingers back after not playing for a few weeks...too busy

i love the feel of my guitar fingers
i play around 1-2 hours on average...and i practice even less than that. im just too lazy and not ambitious enough. but since ive been playing 4 years im still pretty good.