so, i was thinking about gettin an electric-acoustic guitar
but i dont know if i would need a different amp for it

right now i have a small little Fender frontman that i use for practicing.
would i need to get a different amp for an electric-acoustic? or would it sound fine through the fender?
yeah, i've got gear too...
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It will sound ok I would think if your amp is decent. I'll tell you from experience though that they sound way better through a proper acoustic amp. I have both a Marshall Valvestate amp and a Fender Acoustatronic and acoutic guitars sound ok on the Marhsall but killer on the Acoustatronic.
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in ur case ull do better than average using the fender practice amp as an acoustic amp.
because that particular brand is known for its cleans over its gain channel.

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Regular amps dont seem to catch the....actoustic-ness, as you put it, of acoustic guitars.

Acoustic amps are much better suited to the task, or mic it.