Yer I was wonderin if anyone could just like gimme some recomendations for a song or two to learn? I wanna try and learn one al the way through cos usually I just learn like the itro or the riff I like and then leave the rest, but I wanna try a whole one, I been playin for 6 or 7 months and my best song is probably by the way btw, i'm not that good really
you could try The Press Corpse by Anti-Flag, with fingers like me its a good warm up, not too hard, takes hour or 2 to get the speed right though ive been playin since sept. btw
If you've only been playing for a 6-7 months I'd recommend Carousel by Blink-182. If you only learn intros this one gets the Pop-Punkers going and never ceases to impress non-bassists. Also, if you're going to learn teh entire thing, I recommend a pick for playing the powerchords.
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Cochise by Audioslave. You need a wah pedal, but it sounds fine without one.