Hey guys, I just read a review for the Carvin V3 in Guitar One magazine, and I think it is worth checking out. They spoke very highly of it, and it's only something like $945 list. Has anyone tried one of these? Could you list some pros and cons? If it really is as good as the review made it out to be, I may be interested, but they are only sold directly from Carvin, so I can't try before I buy.

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I haven't tried one, although I can tell you I'ved GASed for one before.

That's the problem with Carvin, they sell direct. That's probably why they don't get much publicity either, no one can actually try out their stuff unless they drive to the Carvin factories.

From what I hear, it's a VERY fizzy amp in the highs (I've heard clips and it does sound this way sometimes) but not in a good way. I also heard some really nice Carvin Legacy like clips which were cool.

People have also had some reliability issues with the V3 and a lot of people had to return them to get a new one.

I guess for the price, it's definately worthy checking out. A three channel 900 dollar amp head with high gain abilities doesn't come around often.

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I hang around the Carvin forums and a lot of people are just kinda getting used to it. The only reliability issues I've heard of are tubes that come busted or tubes that bust as soon as you turn it on, but other than that, I've heard no reliability issues. I've heard many people speak highly of it and it's very versatile, but a lot of people are expecting it to be something like a Recto, which it isn't. All I can say is if you get one, re-tube it and the Carvin forum users say replace the power tubes with 6L6GC's to get better cleans. I'd say it's a great deal for the price. You get a parallel and series FX loop, 50/100 watt power switch, a feature called the EQX that works like a Sonic Maximizer and Midi compatibility. I'd say it's a steal for the price.
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