this guitar looks awesome...does anyone own it or have they tried it?...how expensive is it?...cause i would love to get one
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ive played it and it played pretty smooth for me ....if i had the money i would have bought it
It was 800 can when i played one.
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I play one, its heaps nice. only thing i dislike is the amount of bass it gets through my valve but yeah.
no no
dont get it
its an epiphone
they've switched factories now where they are now made in china and not in korea
big deal? well yeah i mean some ibanez are made in china, alot of guitars are made in china
but they're NEW. which means inexperienced, while the product looks the same, some finer touches look second rate, but they're the same price! what a rip.
i was going to get a les paul custom, but after inspecting it, it looks dodgy and not worth 1000aud.
dont get an epiphone, at least not yet