Ok, I'm going to get a new guitar with christmas money, so I'll have plenty of time to save up some money to add to the other money. I'm looking to get a guitar cord (10 ft. long), that's $20-30 now, though. So, what is a good brand or a website to order one from. The only instrument store I have near me is a Tarpley's. I have a Yamaha guitar, which works well for now, but I'm looking to get a new one after christmas, in the range of $300-500. If it helps any, I have a Cube 30 amp, and the problem with the cable is that is that is is too short, and that I can't turn up my tone to 10, I have to keep it at 1. Thanks!
I can, but when I do, it makes a very loud buzzing sound, and when I had my old cable (until my dog chewed it), it worked fine. Even if it did work with the tone, I would get a longer cable.
get a 12 foot monster cable for $20, its a good deal and has lifetime warranty
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That's great! I saw the same cable today at Tarpley's, so I'll get it next week. Thanks! Any thoughts on the guitar? I'm loving these forums, as they have very fast replies.
planet waves cables are awesome, but they're so expensive. I have one and i think it would hold out even if you fed it through a meat grinder lol
get a planet waves cable, imo, theyre one of the best. and if i were you, id get a 20 foot instead of 10 foot. i had only 10 foot cables and when one died i went to replace it they only had 20 foot cables and i got it and im happy i did.
I like monsters, but I suggest a spectraflex cable. I got mine for like $50. They are shielded, quality, heavy duty...without feeling heavy, and look groovy with the fabric woven outer cover. Top notch man, top notch!!! There are a lot of knockoffs of these, but this is the original and hard to beat. Lifetime warrantee as well.

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Ya got with the monster cable, as for the guitar

considering the style, id say either a Agile Les Paul(Based on hear say), Schecter of sorts, or like a MIM Fat Strat
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I stick by Planet Waves, especially the Circuit Breakers....There's no way in hell the cable can fall out of your jack.
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with a price range of $300-$500 and with what you play, i suggest an Ibanez SZ320. and if you save a little more, you can get a SZ520. both great guitars.
my gf bought me monster cables. You could argue if they are worth the price, but the lifetime guarentee definitely makes them a cut above the rest
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my gf bought me monster cables. You could argue if they are worth the price, but the lifetime guarentee definitely makes them a cut above the rest

planet waves also have a lifetime warranty
Wow. I haven't been on these forums in forever...

anyways, I'm using the Monster Rock 500 cables (whatever the model name is... you know what I mean) and haven't had a single problem with them yet. Plus, like others have said, they're guaranteed for life. If you some how damage the cable, you can just take it back and get a new one on the spot.
I have Canare GS-6 cable. It looks pretty tough and thick and it is not bad.
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