Ive seen all of these other contests going around, and I was thinking how bout a DMB cover contest, guitars and vocals only. Hes got a ton of songs that can be played with just guitars, and he's got a somewhat challenging vocal style (at least for me) This is just an idea, I think it would be cool, and I know there are some dmb fans out there, This is just an idea for now, so let me know by reply or PM if youd be interested and if theres enough interest ill repost to start a line up.
DMB is the ****, but I can't play any of their songs ATM. I might practice till I get them recording quality, but as for now I can't.
i would love to do some...but i have no way to record...well i have a crappy gaming mic but i still need to get some editing software...
Sign me up for Crash into me.. (really good choice of contest.. a bit more alternative than the Greenday or Rhcp,, not if there is something wrong with those contest,, just thinking this is "new" ) is it leagal to record 2 track guitar??? or does it only count with use of one.. ??