get really stoned and record yourself playing guitar, and there you have it you're pink floyd.

Just kidding, I love pink floyd
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Any people have any tips on writing progressive rock such as Pink Floyd?

Come up with a story, dont write about women and stuff, try to come up with some kind of abstract theme, Comfortably Numb is about the feeling you get when you have a fever.

Start with those kinds of lyrics, and dont try to emulate Floyd, come up with a sound of your own, Prog rock, really isnt the sound, its the themes incorperated into the music, its different in that it doesnt focus on Sex, Drugs, and Sex.
thanks...comfortably numb is about drugs...its not about a fever.

Comfortably Numb is about how Pink (From the Wall) has to take heroin everytime he goes to play a show. The verses are the doctors speaking to him and the chorus is his thoughts on it. In the film, he is just sitting there while people are surrounding him and it seems like he is in a bad condition from possibly drugs...nothing to do with a fever.
Well even that it's about drugs there's still more to it than just the drugs. It's got a story.