yeah mine are stained...i have to scrub em
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I don't, but I would imagine it would sound like an amp at a high gain setting, when it's actually at a normal gain setting. As for my fingers, can you say barbeque wings? They seem even more delicious at 11 o' clock. I am going to pay for this in the morning.
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Seriously, this sounds like a pussy squable from Saved By The Bell or some **** like that.

Dirty Fingers are supposed to be crap. Iommis are supposed to be great.

This is just stuff I've picked up from around here though.
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Actually, yeah. Thats what i hate about playing guitar. The finger tips on my fretting hand gets so dirty from the calluses.
I've played the Iommi; and I really like it. The cleans are also much better than I had expected.
my brother has one of those, except its from the 70's REAL Vintage Gibson Dirty Fingers, one of the most powerfull pickups i've played with really , i would recommened it for metal , it has 3 Ceramics which amazing for a 70's pick up
if you want sound clips just pm me
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