Ok, the girl I love, I've been with her for about 2 years now(we are coming up on it) She has stuck with me through some rough times, and even gone against her family for me. I recently fixed things with her family, and I have screwed up alot with her. Music is the only way I can express myself. I need to do this for her, to show her exactly how things are. I can write music all day, but lyrics are the trickiest for me. Can I get some help? This isn't a typical "I'm sorry I screwed up song" we put that behind us, I need advice and help writing a song saying we will move forward together. We will overcome things and be together through it. How I will remain her rock and her be mine.

I know alot of you guys are gonna be like "Oh shut up about your stupid love", or "stop being gay". I am not looking for you. I need the guy who understands what I mean, and can give me some advice(not write the song, just help). If you can do that, you would be a major help. Thanks in advance guys.
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write a song about her... and progressively change it into a song about moving foward
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1. the S&L forum is not the pit, we wont call you gay because of love, only lame.
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Write a song about how ****ed up everything is, and then, at the very end, say something about moving forward and starting over... I don't know if that makes sense... I'll give you an example if you want.