Ok.. so this is an instrumental that I put together and I recorded the rhythm, lead, and harmony part so.. Yea.. what do you like about it? What don't you like about it? You know the deal.. I have to redeem myself from the Whitney2520 Song guys haha. Here it is
this is acutally really goood, i love the lead riffs, the rhythm sounds a little off at the very beginning, and i think the lead riffs should be a little louder, but over all its very good, you put some very nice skill into this song
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Well.. me and a friend had xbox live.. and over the summer we would just get on and just play guitar to each other back and forth over the microphone.. and i start playin somethin and hes like man thats cool.. you should lay some of that **** down... soo.. yea.. i just started piecin stuff together.. arranged it in a way where it flowed.. and there it was.. but yea the rhythm was hard to sync for some reason.. but it was close enough to get the picture i think.. but thanks for the comments guys
Ok guys.. sorry.. the song went down for some reason but i reuploaded it so its back again.. sorry for the inconvience
It sounded great. The only things were that the rhythm was a little too loud in comparison to the lead for me, and it kind of drowned it out. On the subject of the rhythm, it just got kind of dull after a while. I recommend more variety. However, all things aside, it's a great composition. If I had a hat or was a hat person, I would take it off to you.
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Yyea.. I noticed that the rhythm was very loud.. and I'll try to work some variety in there.. maybe ill remix it.