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I'm starting a competition in the OR forum, it will be kinda like a horse type game (basketball) if you are unfamiliar, where one person will record a lick in different catergories, legato, sweep, tremo.......etc. different techniques, and another person will see if they can match the technique, given a tab from the origninal person (so no wanking ) if yo ucan't match then your out, so enter yourself in a catergory you are good at, I figured it would just be a cool way to learn some new licks/techniques, and also have bragging rights, so check on it over the next couple days when it should be up, peace
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Sounds pretty sweet.

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If I could record I'd give it a shot...and get annihilated...damn lack of recording stuff
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If i could record and i didn't suck i'd give it a go, it sounds like fun.
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This idea should be available in all the different sections of the UG forums. Awesome idea.
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