what was it you sang?
i can't even remember
but the words didn't matter
and the tune swam in my ears
cleaning faultlines in my brain
with a velvet rope or a lacquer soap
that was washed away to leave some unnamed
mountain scent (possibly "icecapped grass"
or "cave-dwelling rest in animal skin rags")
that i inhaled to find myself settled
into a crevice that i hadn't known to exist
and when i asked around no one else did
so i named this new territory "quiet"
in honor of the backyard i knew as a child

and hands ended in fingers that interlocked
they twirled seamlessly into each other
you gathered yourself into body parts
and they danced in the air as if connected
strands of muscle were invisible to me
or maybe they melted when i wasn't looking

so, although i've been shapeless before,
this was brighter. this felt better.
so i called him happiness
and he scooped me onto his wing
and he helped me paint myself
with a color i'd never seen,
so i guess i called it sunlight
and i guess it spilled everywhere
when the morning came
and when everyone met him they didn't believe me
Firstly, I like the font and colour.

Secondly, the piece had some decent flow, so it leaned to the lyric side of this site.
But it needs a bit tightening up. Like where you use "and"; whereas "but" could add more flow. Just the small things need edited.

But it wasn't too bad content wise etc.