yea so my band and I both have tons of material and not alot of money and having recording gear would be a huge plus, ive chekd musicians freind and music 123, but theres so much **** idk what is good, wats a piece of **** etc..

i need something that i can use at my own house for my own personal use, but also be able to bring to my drummers house and use to record, mix, and master demos and **** and have them come out really good. I have a well paying job, but im still looking for something atht i can get with maybe 300 or less. If yuuo guys could give give me any guidance or recomendations that'd be narly. thanks
****, i didnt see thatother thread,o well

also, our drummer has a couple of mics rigged up to the roof of his garage for recording if that makes a difference. thanks

a good set of mics is gonna cost you upwards of $1000, drums and everything. you can just get a cheap mixer ($100-$200) and record into a computer from there, but a minidisk or hard disk recorder would cost about $600 on up. so yeah, you're looking at an investment here... the best thing to do would be to buy studio time.

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