Ill tell ya what i told salik eyed,

I can tell right now from the first note, your holding back a little, you need to let your voice expand and relax your muscles around the throat more. You need to build confidence and not be afraid to reach for the notes, you may not even hit them the first couple times, but you have to sing with your full voice, dont try to sing and sound like him, ecspecially as a beginner, you need to sing with YOUR voice. Make sure your breathing not holding your breath, and make sure you dont feel like your having to make a totally breathy whisper, first start getting the notes in your full voice, even try to knock it down by sections.

also there is a sticky for vocal instruction around here somewhere.. and PRACTICE PRACTICE
I can tell your close though, you dont seem to be holding back as much as most people when they first start, i think your just about there
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I actually quite like your Under The Bridge vocals. True, it's not hugely powerful or anything, but they do the job well. You're a good singer.
the singing is not the problem for me. other than you are holding back, which is understandable. everyone does when they start. keep singing, gain confidence and when the time comes, belt it out. the playing needs to be tightened up. practice practice practice!!! to work on pitch you may want to try just hitting a note on the guitar and practice humming the tone as closely as possible. when playing, find the pitch you want to sing it in and focus on that pitch. practice the guitar parts enough so that they are second nature and you wont have to think about it while you are trying to sing and stay in tune.
now, see if i have taken any of my own advice and please check out my cover of "such great heights" @


keep practicing it will come.
honestly i thought the guitar was rougher than the vocals... and the guitar wasnt bad really. it sounded like your guitar got choppy BECAUSE you were trying to sing also. other than that my only advice to you is keep it up, keep practicing, and record the vocals louder next time.

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I only listened to the Under the Bridge one, and I thought it was very good. My only suggestion is that you turn down the volume on your guitar some, because it was a little hard to hear you over the guitar.
upon listening again, maybe its just recorded quietly, but hey if you feel like your have troubles you have my advice anyway , i think your actually really close with each time im hearing it
Thanks guys. Im recording off the computer microphone and i think the playing was too loud as you said. thanks for the advice Scott, i'll try recording something later.
nothing embarrassing here, u gotta good voice, u haven?t heard my voice now that?s embarrassing.
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I think what a lot of people dont understand is the difference between a semi live recording at a home computer studio versus what a studio does to a voice (depending on the artist), and the quality of the equiptment, and just the right reverb, and ALL the takes the singer might get at a studio
Fix the guitar volume and Under The Bridge would be wonderful.
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