Ok, so im fairly happy with my technical playing for how long I've been playing (almost a year), but i really want to start learning theory.

I've been going through a Troy Stetina (Speed Mechanics) book for a few months now and a can play most of the exercises fairly well. The book covers some basic theory like learning scales and stuff, and I understand the basics of how scales are made, but I want to get into learning the notes of the fretboard and arpeggios, and all the other theory stuff there is. And I also want to know how all of it is applied to soloing and licks and songs.

Are there any decent books that could get me started on learning theory?

Thanks in advance.
Best Advice? Find a teacher.

A good one. Try a piano teacher, and ask solely for theory lessons. I did, and it really helps. Seriously.
The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine. Check it out on Amazon.com. Supplement that with some online research, hanging out with musicians, and some more amazon.com. Should help!

Edit: OH, and transcribe, transcribe, transcribe!! I can't tell you how much this helps.

Awesome website. Click the drop-down menu called "Lessons" and have fun!
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Learning what the intervals are first is the most important thing, imo. And how to play them, obviously.

If you know what a b2 sounds like and how to play one, you can play scales and chords with a b2 in them, and that applies to every interval. Once you know all the intervals and all the ways to play them, you can form just about any scale, in any position, or any chord with a decentish knowledge of the notes of the fretboard - the nice thing is, you learn the fretboard better by doing this than by doing it by rote because you learn how notes relate and not just their names.

Thats imho.