...Creepy. Good guitar though.
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wow this is really nice joshie.

i love the rhythm at the beginning, the picking is so insanely beautiful.
the effects on the vocals are really interesting, but they really fit the song.
it adds to the mood a lot. it's almost like the voice in your head, like the fact that sometimes it's hard to hear.
and the little extra lower vocals in the background, that's very interesting.
i started dancing at the bridge thingy
it's also cool how you entwined two or three of your other songs into this song,
especially yvonne at the end!

Love it love it lovee it! The guitar, the vox...all of it. I love how you went into vyenxoneeoneoneoneone........
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I would quite like to hear how the very echoey bit would sound with you singing low.. or how the bit with you singing low would sound more echoey........

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you can sing decently!

Brilliant lyrics from what I could catch.

The guitar was great too.
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