i am going to buy an amp, and since i like the cleans (im mostly into blues, rock and jazz) i tought alot and i decided to get a valves fender junior amp, but i was checking the prices in US stores and i just noticed that here it costs 415? and i cant really afford it... maby i have to give up from buy a valves amp, do you guys have any sugestions around 300??
you might be able to find amps on ebay for around that much (about 300 euro = 375 USD)

In fact, that's how much I got my blues JR for, and that was with an extra set of NOS tubes, and an upgraded speaker.

other than that, I hear the epiphone valve jr isn't too bad either.
ye well i tried ebay but the problem is that im from Europe and not everything ships to here, not to mention if its American products i might get screwd because of the wattage
oh yeah, you can't buy american amps without using some sort of power adapter

america is 120 V @ 60hz, most of europe is around 240v @ 50hz
yea something like that, and also the shipping taxes.... zZz... cba
you could look on ebay for a old twin, though youd need to save...my local store had two 1973 twins, each for 1000$, oh damn

im canadian by the way
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A used Blues Jr? Not a Pro Jr, a Blues Jr.

And the Epi Valve jr is in a different league than the BLues Jr.
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