Last Night i was playing and i noticed a crackling everytime i moved the cable, later on the sound just went dead. So i opened up the jack cover thing, and i found that the Solder had broken. So i was wondering if i could temproarily connect the wires without solder using something like aluminum foil, because the nearest guitar shop takes about an hour to get to. Thanks.

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If you can or have any friends or family members that can, try soldiering it yourself. I would practice a little bit at first, but its real easy. You just got to make sure that you don't burn yourself (lol) and don't get any of it on the guitar. If you can't, then just use electrical tape and tape them together.
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If you dont have a soldering iron, your best bet is to strip the disconnected wire so that the connection is long enough for you to loop around the poles, or tie it. Then secure it with an insulation tape. If you have a tacker or somesort of hard plaster or play dough, that also works fine.
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