Hi guys!

Do I really need a special acoustic amp to play with acoustic guitar live? I got an VOX AC30, is it possible to use it with an acoustic (western) guitar? The guitar has an piezo pickup......
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erm, its a valve amp, so it would proberly distort at an audiable volume. if you had a solid state amp it would be alright.
I also got an Marshall MG 15-CD..... Can I use this one?
Warriors SG
Vox AC 30
Zoom GFX-1
yes, but if you have a PA i would just mic the guitar or plug the piezo into the mixing board instead of using an MG 'amp'.
MGs suck.
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound
grrrr i tried not to diss the poor dudes amp then you go along and ruin it :P